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Raised Garden Beds

L-Shaped Raised Beds

Choose Your Shape and Size!

Raised garden beds are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes!
  • L-Shaped Raised Bed with Trim Pack 3'x6'x6'x16.5"
  • L-Shaped Raised Bed with Trim Pack 3'x6'x6'x16.5"
  • L-Shaped Raised Bed 3'x6'x6'x16.5"

Naturalyards garden planters are now available exclusively at Eartheasy.com, in hundreds of shapes and sizes! Use the button above to purchase online.

If you are looking for custom size planters, or need help planning a garden, you can call us directly at (503) 802-9292.

Product Description
  • build a garden
  • Build a raised bed garden anywhere the sun shines!

L-shaped raised beds fit perfectly in the corner of a yard, or arranged in pairs to enclose an area and form wide entrance pathways to your garden. L-shaped garden beds can be used with other planter shapes to create endless garden designs and large, productive vegetable gardens. They work great as privacy screens, with flowering vines and matching garden trellises.

All sizes of L-shaped garden beds are available with optional trim packs, for a more finished look and a convenient place to sit while working in the garden. Planter bottom options are also available, to provide soil drainage on hard surfaces, such as patio and rooftop gardens.

Raised bed planters are made from naturally durable cedar protected by a non-toxic waterproof sealant that is safe for edible gardens. Raised beds can be built in custom shapes and sizes. Please let us know if you need help designing a garden


Easy assembly, strong construction Build raised beds in endless shapes and sizes Trim pack and planter bottom options
Easy assembly—just stack boards and insert corner pins. Build raised bed gardens in endless shapes and sizes. Optional trim packs and planter bottoms for any size bed.

Choosing Sizes and Options

What size raised bed is best for your garden? It depends both on the size and shape of your growing area, as well as considerations such as accessibilityground conditions, and soil depth requirements. Consider these tips when planning your garden:

  • Choose your bed size
  • Width - Raised beds around 3 to 4 feet wide provide the most growing space while still allowing access to the center of the bed. Narrower raised beds, 1.5 to 2 feet wide, are useful for along fences and the sides of houses, or wherever access is limited to one side.
  • Length - Raised beds can be any length, but are typically 12 feet or shorter, to allow for pathways between beds. Keep in mind that longer beds may be harder to level—short beds are easier on slopes.
  • Height - Raised beds can be built as tall as you like in 5.5 inch board layers, the most popular heights being 11 to 22 inches. Taller raised beds reduce the need for bending over, help deter pests, and provide soil space for deep-rooted vegetables.
  • Trim Packs - Trim pack options offer increased durability and a more finished look, as well as a convenient place to sit and rest tools while working in the garden.
  • Planter Bottoms - Planter bottom options provide drainage on hard surfaces such as concrete, allowing full-size vegetable gardens on rooftops, driveways and parking lots.

All of our raised garden beds are made from durable cedar protected by a non-toxic waterproof sealant that is safe for vegetable gardening. Raised beds are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes—many more than listed above. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. We'll help you build the perfect garden.

Setup and Assembly

  • Raised Bed with L-Shaped Trellis
  • Looking for Garden Trellises?

    Trellises are available for any size raised bed! See prices and sizes.

Raised garden beds can be set up directly on lawn, sand or gravel and dirt. For gardens on rooftops, decks and patios, optional planter bottoms are recommended to improve soil drainage and help protect the surface below. If the ground below is toxic, planter bottoms lined with barrier cloth will help keep plant roots safe from exposure.

Build raised beds in a flat and open area, if possible, for easy access and sun exposure. Pathways around raised beds should be 18 to 24 inches wide for normal foot traffic and 36 to 48 inches for wheelbarrow and wheelchair access.

Level the ground and follow these simple assembly instructions to set up your raised beds. Add an optional drainage layer, then fill raised beds with a healthy soil mixture and you’re ready to plant!

You can find more tips on building a raised bed garden in our gardening help section, or contact us with your specific needs for free garden planning and advice.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or call 503-802-9292 to speak with one of our friendly gardening advisors.

  • Easy to assemble Raised beds assemble in minutes with no tools required, disassemble just as easily.
  • Garden anywhereBuild raised beds on lawn and dirt. Add planter bottoms for gardens on rooftops and parking lots.
  • Flexible design Hundreds of shapes and sizes to choose from, from small flower boxes to large garden beds.
  • Superior strength Corner pin construction stays strong with swelling and shrinking of wood.
  • Durable cedar Naturally rot-resistant cedar protected by a non-toxic waterproof sealant long outlasts lumber found in stores.
  • 10 year warranty Raised beds with trim packs are covered by a 10 year limited warranty.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed If you are not satisfied for any reason, just return the item within 30 days for a full refund.

"This item is ingenious; I have rarely been so satisfied with a purchase."

"Beautiful garden beds. Look fantastic on my farm."

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