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Warranty Information

Subject to the following limitations, effective January 1, 2021, Naturalyards LLC, (“Naturalyards”) PO Box 3180, Ashland, Oregon 97520, warrants that all products sold by Naturalyards will retain their structural integrity so that the intended use is not materially impaired for a duration of years, as described below, beginning from the date of purchase. Naturalyards will replace any parts that fail to comply with this warranty at no cost to the purchaser. In order to obtain replacement parts, the purchaser must send to Naturalyards proof of purchase showing the date of purchase and specifications of the defective part or parts purchased, together with photographs of the defective part or parts. If Naturalyards determines that any part or parts of a product sold by Naturalyards failed to comply with this warranty, then Naturalyards will replace the defective part or parts at no cost to purchaser, including shipping, within 30 days. This warranty does not include the cost of removal or disposal of the defective part or parts or the cost of installation of the replacement part(s). This warranty does not apply to any product or part which, at the purchaser’s request, is not treated with the non-toxic waterproof sealant. This warranty does not cover any defects due to improper assembly or installation, misuse (such as drilling holes or otherwise), abuse, acts of God, malicious destruction, insect infestation or damage caused by pests or animals, or any other cause other than failure of the structural integrity of the product occurring with normal usage. This warranty does not warrant against, sun bleaching, warping, checking, surface blemishes or mold or fungus growing on the product parts. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser.


The duration of the warranty for Naturalyards products are as follows: 5 years for all raised beds with trim packs, planter boxes, framed trellises, and bird feeders; 3 years for all raised beds without trim packs, barrel planters, and unframed trellises.


Replacement of defective part(s) is the sole remedy available to the purchaser of products sold by Naturalyards. No consequential or incidental damages may be recovered due to any breach of the foregoing warranty.


This warranty applies to products sold in the United States only. No warranty is offered for products sold outside of the United States.


The foregoing warranty is the sole warranty provided by Naturalyards. There are no other warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular use.


By purchasing products from Naturalyards, the purchase agrees that the purchaser is entering into a purchase contract with Naturalyards, in the State of Oregon and that Oregon law shall apply to all disputes relating to the purchase of products from Naturalyards, LLC, and that the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Jackson County will be the exclusive forum for any disputes relating to said purchase or to the foregoing Limited Warranty.